The Kagyu Monlam – A trip to Samye Ling and back

There I was, living at the tip of Africa looking for something, not really sure what, confused by the roots of my German-Indian descent: not at home, nor here nor there, standing on the halfway line between those two worlds. They say Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places on earth and South [...]

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Doing our 67+ Minutes for Madiba

The volunteer weekend at TRC took place the weekend before Mandela Day. This is a weekend in which anyone is welcome to come to the centre, and join in the fixing and/ or upkeep of the centre, to contribute their 67 minutes in Madiba month. The volunteers undertake some work on Saturday and half of [...]

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A Retreat Full of Taras

Just before Election Day, Dr Ela Manga and I offered the Still Action Retreat, in order to share inward practices for outward impact. In our own work, we have seen how communities are fractured, people are growing more isolated and there is a deep sense of internal dis-ease and disconnection. We have been pondering how [...]

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Teachings, Offerings and Blessings

We were privileged to have Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, Lama Katen and Ani Lhamo with us over the long weekend in March. We were joined by many friends, eager to retreat and spend some time the presence of the Lamas. Activities included Dharma teachings with Lama Katen and Gelongma Lhamo, interviews, a slide show on the [...]

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Ethics, Conduct and Morality in Daily Life Dharma

by the lazy Buddhist During the recent visit of Lama Yeshe Rinpoche and Lama Katen to South Africa, they both spoke about the importance of being a good person. So what is a good person, particularly from a Buddhist perspective? There’s a lot of guidance out there for anyone one on the Buddhist path, the [...]

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