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Update from Tikologo March 2018

Over the last few months Tikologo has experienced what we are now identifying as a seasonal activity induced media blackout. We insure you that this is a legitimate condition but hopefully the worst of it has passed and slowly our digital and social presence will return! That said it has really been a very [...]

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Daily Life Dharma by the Lazy Buddhist

Changing our minds The Ngondro contemplation on the agenda for the day was the first of the eight adverse conditions. This is the one where you get to mull over how much your mind gets disturbed by the five poisons. It’s important. The more strongly our minds are affected, the more we are under their [...]

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Vacancy for Retreat Centre Manager – July 2018

Big Changes at TRC 2018 will see some big changes at the Tara Rokpa Centre. Since 2002, resident volunteer, Pippa Cope has been developing and running the Centre. She is now building a beautiful eco-house on the Tikologo site, in order to retire. This means that we are looking for a Retreat Centre Manager to [...]

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Moving Mitta

Mitta was one of the last remaining matriarchs of Modibate ("Die Stadt", our next door neighbours). She lived in a completely ramshackled hut in a small family complex. It took 3 trips last Saturday to move her and her possessions into her newly constructed house in Rietvallei, a developing village which is about 8 km [...]

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Daily Life Dharma: Two Ways of NOT Understanding

Daily Life Dharma by the Lazy Buddhist You gotta love Dharma teachings! The other day I was reading through notes I’d taken in which Drupon Rinpoche explained the two ways of NOT understanding. Drupon Rinpoche’s style of teaching is fabulous, I mean, seriously what a topic to receive teachings on! The two types are this. [...]

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Letter from Pippa – Spring 2017

Winter was quiet and offered time for all to plan for the spring retreats, and carry on with endless needed maintenance on the property. Our resident team of myself, Megan, Coen,  Alan, Ina, our neighbour and bookkeeper, Sean and staff, were joined by volunteers Dean on the Tikologo side. and Cheri, Bronwyn and David for [...]

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Tikologo News Spring 2017

Earlier this year Tikologo received some much appreciated funding from ROKPA International to help further develop the project. Since then a lot of energy has been going into the Tikologo site in order to try and make the best use of this opportunity and so the following developments have taken place: Apprenticeship and Volunteer program [...]

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Africa has been ‘Druponed’

First Ever Visit to Africa Tara Rokpa Centre hosted Drupon Rinpoche, Tibetan Buddhist Mediation and Mind training Master. This was his first ever visit to Africa. I was privileged to attend his retreat from 30 August to 7 September 2017, in the beautiful Groot Marico. Rinpoche and his entourage, which included Lama Katen, Kunga, and [...]

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Daily Life Dharma: A Good Lama Finds Fault

Daily Life Dharma by the Lazy Buddhist The Tara Rokpa Centre hosted Drupon Rinpoche for a week-long dharma retreat in early September. I was fortunate enough to attend and it was fabulous! With a reputation for being fierce preceding him, one of the teachings Drupon Rinpoche gave really struck me. He said that the purpose [...]

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Heat and Rain

The Heat came wafting through the land and decided to settle in our precious Valley. We don’t blame it, it’s really beautiful here, but we wouldn’t mind if he was simply a passing guest. Maybe a day or two, but more than that…well, we’re just not that much of a gracious host. We did do [...]

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